Fashion Guide for Fat Women to Look Slim

Fashion Guide for Fat Women to Look Slim

Have you ever heard “Big is beautiful?” in fact, whatever the body shape, everyone has each other’s beauty and energy. But many people think being charming is slim. Therefore, many obese women feel less confident. Like women, of course you want to look charming and perfect, right? well, if you are listed as one of those people who is not confident because they have a fat body, you can outsmart it by wearing clothes that can make you look slim. Curious? Here is a fashion guide for those of you who are fat to make you look slim.

1. Selection of the right style Fashion for Fat Women

Black patterned clothes Fashion will make the illusion of being smaller on your body. Black shades do not want to reflect the light they receive, so clothes with black patterns will not create shadows that make the illusion of the body wider.

2. Sort out the clothes motifs according to the fashion of fat women

It is not mandatory to always wear a black pattern to make it look slim. You can also wear brightly patterned clothes that are patterned according to your fashion, as long as you sort clothes or dresses with small motifs with simple cuts. Some say fat women should wear a small diameter vertical stripe motif to give a bigger impression.

3. Sorting clothes with the correct neckline

For those of you who are fat, choose clothes with a v neckline model. A fat body will appear to be stretched sideways, to trick it you are obliged to wear something that looks vertical, which is to sort out the v-neck clothes. This outfit with a V-neck provides a thinner impact.

4. Stay away from loose clothes

Don’t wear loose clothes because it will keep you big. Maybe you want to hide your fat body, but baggy clothes are not the solution. So don’t wear loose clothes, use clothes that fit the body, not tight but fit the body.

5. Long Cardigan

This long cardigan is suitable for those of you who are fat. Because this long cardigan can cover the thighs and big calves, so that your body looks slimmer.

6. Hipster Jeans

Hipster cut jeans are suitable for those of you who have fat folds on the abdomen as well as wide hips. When you wear full cut jeans, the model just wants to make your stomach pinch and continue to look fat at the top. What you must avoid is to sort the jeans with a wide cut at the base as well as stretch jeans.

7. Choose the right skirt

Some obese women choose to wear skirts so that their legs look slimmer. That is not wrong. But it would be nice if you chose a long skirt above the knee. The reason is a skirt above the knee to make your legs look a little longer. So the effect you want to look bigger and thinner.

8. Wear Clothes with Accents

To deepen so that it does not look big, you can use a black patterned blouse with a simple model but have a decorative accent on certain parts such as shoulders or neck, this is about making people’s vision more focused on that part, as well as your chest and abdomen to be obscured.

9. Sort the Right Cloth

When you choose a shirt, choose a lightweight material such as cotton, crepe, chiffon and others. Lightweight materials want to make clothes fall so it fits in your body, but does not print your body.

10. Wear a Belt

For those of you who are obese, waist fish can be a good friend because it makes your stomach look slim. But you must also know, the selection of a belt that does not fit can make your waist an evil enemy. Belts want to cut your body into 2 upper and lower parts, that’s why you should select a small belt.

11. Sort the Bag Dimensions

There are many dimensions of bags as well as bag models that are used as accessories to enhance your appearance. There are shoulder bags, sleeve bags, tote bags, slings or slings. You can all use it as long as the size fits. Wearing a bag with very large dimensions can make you look wide. The effect you guys seem to continue to be fat and short. It’s different when you wear a small bag with a small strap, your body wants to look big and slim.

12. Separate the Model of Shoes and the Pattern of Shoes

Choose high heel shoes with a pointed shape. Either it is pointed at the tip or pointed at the heel of the shoe. Use shoes with a minimum of 5 centimeters or 2 inches. When wearing big heels, your calves want to tighten and your thighs want to be pulled higher, so that you look bigger, slimmer and more graceful. Make the foot impact longer, choose a shoe pattern that matches your calf pattern.

13. Mixing Scraf and Jeans

Not only wearing a necklace, sometimes you can wear a scarf or scarf that is extended to the base. Combine with skinny jeans so that your body is slimmer.

14. Wear loose-fitting clothes

Even if your body is fat, it does not mean that you can not wear layered clothes. You can wear layered clothes only you must know the rules. So that the body does not look very fat, you can wear a shirt or tanktop that is not very tight. Then combine it with a jacket or cardigan whose bottom is not very long. If it can be shorter than the length of your shirt. The effect you want to look bigger and look slimmer.

15. Arrange your hair to look thin

It’s not just clothes that can make a fat woman look slim. Hair arrangement can also determine whether your face continues to be blooming or tapered. One of the hairstyles that is suitable for fat women is a pony tail model. This hair model wants to make your facial bone structure more prominent so that it looks more tapered.


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